Wish Pearl
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A unique and thoughtful gift idea! This gift set allows you to give someone a pearl in its original state. It is a wish waiting to come true! The Wish Pearl Necklace Gift Set features an impregnated mollusk in a protective case. It is packaged in a special liquid solution that simulates the oyster's natural environment. The recipient makes a wish, opens the mollusk, and is the first person to see the pearl that has been forming inside for 3 - 5 years.

The Wish Pearl may be any one of the following colors, each symbolizing a different attribute:

White – Wisdom

Cream – Success

Peach – Health

Gold – Wealth

Lavender – Love


This gift set also features an 18" sterling silver chain and dolphin shaped pendant to showcase your pearl. After removing the pearl from the mollusk, it can be placed within the pendant for safe keeping and to make a beautiful necklace!

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Wish Pearl

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